Basic Wii Remote to Midi Script – GlovePIE
(Follow directions on this video to use this script)

// Is the wii mote on?
// Wiimote Battery Level from 0-192 (192 being a full battery)
debug = “Wiimote:” + Wiimote1.Exists + ” Battery:” + Wiimote1.Batterymidi.DeviceOut = 2 // 2 is LoopBe (every system is different, check to be sure)
midi.DefaultChannel = 5 // select MIDI channel

// Example button map. Wiimote “Home” button will fire Midi Note “C3” on Midi Channel 10.

midi.channel10.c3 = Wiimote1.Home

// 1. if you press B on the wii remote AND
// tilt it up or down (smooth pitch) It will take over midi ctrl-14.
// 2. if you press A on the wii remote AND
// roll it left or right (roll) it will take over midi ctrl-15.

//Wiimote Pitch Control
if Wiimote1.B then
midi.channel5.Control14 = maprange(wiimote1.smoothpitch, -90 degrees, 90 degrees, 0, 1)

// Wiimote Roll Control
if Wiimote1.A then
midi.channel5.Control15 = maprange(wiimote1.smoothroll, -90 degrees, 90 degrees, 0, 1)

Use your Wii Remote as a MIDI controller! Controlling your favorite music software with a Wii Remote is actually much easier than you might imagine. You don’t have to hack your Wii Remote or buy expensive software. In fact, the software is free and you most likely already have the hardware. This tutorial covers basic instructions for use with a PC. It is possible to do this with a Mac but it will require different software.

Hardware needed:
— Wii Remote
— Computer with Bluetooth (or USB Bluetooth Adapter)

Software needed:
— Audio program of choice. I prefer Ableton Live. You can get a free demo copy here: http://www.ableton.com/downloads

— GlovePIE (Input Emulator) http://glovepie.org/glovepie_download.php

— LoopBe (virtual MIDI driver) http://www.nerds.de/en/loopbe1.html

— Some basic code for GlovePIE is posted above.
1. Download and install all of the software. (note: we did not create any of this software, and we take no responsibility for it’s contents)

2. Sync your Wii Remote to your Bluetooth by having your computer bluetooth search for a new device. To make the Wii Remote visible to the bluetooth just tap the “1” and “2” button simultaneously. The lights should flash on the Wii Remote and after a few seconds the bluetooth should connect. I have heard that some adapters do not work, but I have had good luck so far.

3. Now open GlovePIE. Paste the code provided into the window and click “RUN”.

4. Make sure that LoopBE is set as the “midi.DeviceOut” On my computer it was “2”, but yours may be different.

4. Open your audio program. Make sure that LoopBE is set as a MIDI Input device. Basically LoopBE just acts a virtual MIDI cable connecting GlovePIE to your Audio Program.

5. Assign the Wii Remote to control a knob or slider within your audio program just like you would if it were a normal MIDI Controller.

That’s it! I hope this tutorial serves as a good starting point for you. Once you get familiar with GlovePIE you’ll find all kinds of cool stuff you can do. Special thanks to Megatroid for his great tutorial on this same topic. http://megatroid.com/tag/wii-remote/

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