School Program

“I can honestly say the performance you offer is by far the best we have had.” -Susan Regan, Edson ES, NY

AudioBody School Assembly

This motivational performance is filled with brilliant inventions, world-class juggling, spectacular lighting effects, and an inspirational message with a strong focus on anti-bullying and not giving up when things are difficult. Drawing from their own personal stories, AudioBody digs deep into strategies of how to how to deal with being bullied, and how to be an ally for those around you who struggle with bullying.

  • Celebrating Kindness through Curiosity
  • How to Be an Ally
  • Anti-Bullying/ Cyberbullying
  • Respect for Diversity, Religious Acceptance, and Racial Diversity

This presentation can be tailored to fit all grade levels from K-12. Several students will even get a rare hands-on opportunity to come up on stage and explore musical inventions featured in the performance.

Besides anti-bullying, AudioBody can address a variety of other topics such as Goal Setting, Healthy Mind / Healthy body, Perseverance, Creative Thinking, Arts Enrichment and more!

Schools in all states are encouraged to seek funding through local programs and initiatives. NY schools specifically may be eligible for funding from BOCES and Title 4 initiatives.

“Best school show I’ve seen in 19 years!” -Science Teacher, Gilbertsville, NY

Technology Workshops: AudioBody also offers interactive workshops for schools. Students will get a chance to build their own LED Light-Tubes. During the process, students will be challenged to problem solve, innovate, and learn from their mistakes. At the end of the workshop, each student will get to take home their very own light tube!  Great for grades 5-12.

Rave Reviews from Schools Across the Country!

“…powerful message. Our young people need to see positive role models and you certainly fit that role well!”  -David R. Dennet, Buker Middle School, ME

“Kids will love it, teachers will love it. This show rocks. It’s wild. Very very cool!” -Kieth Rawlins, Greenville Ohio, Darke County PAC

“You gave so many people a wonderful day of jaw-dropping entertainment, and you fantastically modeled what it means to be dedicated artists in every way. People here will be talking about your show for a long time.”  -Maura Smith, Theater director, Skowhegan Area High School


“A pleasure to meet, a delight to host, and incredible to watch perform. The feedback from all of the host schools was just fantastic. We’re estimating about 1,100 attendees – we will definitely secure a larger venue for your next show! If any schools or theaters ever have questions or concerns… have them contact me. I’ll be your chief cheerleader and advocate!”
-Mary Kay Elsen, President, Districts Educating and Learning Through the Arts, PA

“You and Matt put on an amazing show. I heard so many positive comments from students about your performances. Hope we can get you to come back again sometime. Your show is as hot as Picard’s Earl Grey tea!”
– John J. Scrivo, Science Department Head, Maple Avenue Middle School

“The AudioBody performance was fantastic. These guys are welcome back at our school anytime!”
-Rob Anderson, Band Director, Ulen MN

“Super-charged, high-tech, and wildly creative!”
-Dr. Todd Parker, Principal at Devon Elementary School, PAC

“Your act amazed us all! We appreciate you sharing the importance of having good character and a strong work ethic. It will be an assembly that the staff and students here will talk about for years to come!” -Mrs. Kelli Moore, William H. Barton Intermediate School

Thank you again for bringing such a postive message to our students, combined with an amazing performance! – B. Gallagher, Dean, MS 74

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