Learn to Juggle!

Learn to Juggle!

Did you know that juggling can make your brain bigger!?

That’s right! Studies have shown that juggling actually increases the size of parts of your brain by up to 3-4%. Learning to juggle has also been shown to help you learn better, and is an excellent form of exercise. Click here to learn more about the benefits of juggling.

Written instructions:
One Ball Practice: Throw one ball back and forth from hand to hand. Try to make each throw the same height. DO NOT pass the ball in a circle pattern!

Two Ball Practice: Place one ball in each hand. Throw the 1st ball, as you did before and when it starts to fall, throw the 2nd ball into the air to the opposite hand. They should have crossed like an “X” in the air.

Three Ball Juggling: Place two balls in your right hand and one ball in your left hand. Throw the 1st ball from your right and when it reaches it’s peak, throw the 2nd ball from your left hand, then throw the 3rd ball from your right. All of the balls should have crossed in the air (one throw at a time) and landed in opposite hands. You can stop there or you can keep the pattern going by exchanging ball for ball, keeping a ball in the air at all times. Now all you have to do is PRACTICE!

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